7 Ways to a Home Makeover

Some outdoor wicker furniture may do wonders to turn your outdoor space around. With chairs in place, you can welcome guests there and enjoy some afternoon tea and cookies under the shade.

  • 2. Fresh paint on the wall.

Sometimes, fresh paint is all a room needs to turn it from old and worn to charming and lovely. Just make sure to choose compatible color schemes. Nothing is more unpleasant than having to stare at hues that don’t match. Also remember to choose pleasant and soothing shades, especially for the dining room and bedrooms. Since there’s more traffic in the living room, the walls could be a lively shade of red.

  • 3. Change the curtains.

Curtains affect the amount of light in a room. If you have heavy drapes and are forever tying those to the side, consider switching to cotton curtains, to let in more air and light. This keeps a room from getting too stuffy too.

  • 4. Rearrange or rotate your furniture.

Regularly rearrange the furniture inside your home. If you have unused furniture that’s still in good condition, maybe you can put that out for a while, let it breathe, see if you like it. Maybe you might.

  • 5. Add some plants or flowers inside.

Potted plants are good. They add something organic and green into your domestic space. They add life. In some cases, it gives the room just that necessary touch of personality—especially if you have ferns or a cactus or even a bonsai on your desk or in your home office. Flowers in a vase are nice too and beautiful.

  • 6. Put up some posters or photos.

The photos don’t have to be vintage and the posters don’t have to be classic. Just put up something you like. Have the images printed and framed. These are great decorative additions to your home. These also give breadth and add dimension to your rooms, depending on which photos you choose and where you put them in. A busy photo in a corner is likely to turn that into a busier and even crowded spot. On the other hand, a hauntingly beautiful landscape shot is sure to expand your hallway space even more.

  • 7. Go for wider windows.

You could also go for something dramatic—like putting up windows, bigger and wider ones in place of the old or where there used to be walls. More windows mean more light and light often gives a home its tone, ambiance and vibe.