Black Infrapara Ceramic Heater

Black Infrapara Ceramic Heater

1. Unique ceramic heater – selected ceramics with high thermal durability, mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. High quality Nichrome wire is used

2. High emissivity

3. Quick thermal response, high thermal efficiency

4. Easy control to radiate favourable wave lengths for different target materials

5. 1-10 times more speedy than ordinary heaters

6. Uniform temperature distribution

7. Electric power may be saved up to 50%, production yield may be raised 30% up

8. Oven volume reduceable to one half or even less.Maintenance or replacement of existing old-fashioned heat pipes in ovens is easy

9. Free from dust contamination. No fire flame appears during heating process

10. High safety


  1. Heating plastic films and sheets in various forming applications
  2. Packaging
  3. Softening of plastic sheets before embossing
  4. Gelling paste coats on fabrics
  5. Hardening of synthetic threads
  6. Activation of thermal adhesives
  7. Drying synthetic emulsions
  8. Heating of paper pulp
  9. Thermal hardening of lacquered paper and cardboard
  10. Drying of skins & spray-coated leather
  11. Quick drying of gummed & glued paper
  12. Drying and burning-in of protective varnish in cans & tubes
  13. Drying and burning-in of lacquered sheet-metal parts
  14. Burning-in of powder coatings
  15. Drying the glaze on ceramic tiles
  16. Quick hardening of cement
  17. Tempering layered glass
  18. Preheating the welding seams in pipe construction
  19. Adherence of sound-absorbing mats in the consumer goods and automobile industries
  20. Heating climatic chambers
  21. Drying fabrics
  22. Accelerating glue curing
  23. Hardening of epoxy resins

Various food applications including baking, drying, heating,warming & melting.

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