My Version of Field Trip: Visit Lake Katherine to observe what the study guide asked me to

While visiting one of my favorite places, I had to think an unusual amount for being at the lake. I sketched what I saw while listening to the sounds around me while recording this for my packet. One thing I drew was a worm that had come up from the ground since it had rained the previous day. The worm didn't look too happy so I put it back near some nice looking soil. I also sketched a part of the lake and felt the cool water with my hand. Since I did not have any water testing strips and drinking it would not have been smart I think the feeling of it with my hand was sufficient. Although I was upset with my mother for not letting me go on the fieldtrip I did appreciate my time spent at lake Katherine and the lady walking the trail that stopped to take my picture for me.

Planting the tree:

As you probably noticed Elise and I are the main reason our tree is still alive. I take great pride in my plant abilities like the tree being alive and thriving in the hydroponics until we had a long weekend and they all died. I am just hoping the tree doesn't die without me over the summer. Maybe I can get Elise or Br. Hank to check up on it. Oh, or maybe the maintenance guys can pick up the hobby of gardening and look out for the tree while I enjoy a summer of caddying.

While planting the tree I was a little scared and taken aback from the passion and occasional freakouts by the main tree aider. Once I got past this initial fear I found joy in the planting and ferociously shaking dirt from the grass roots. Another plus was making it in the newspaper and Marist twitter. Planting the tree was fun and I highly suggest you do it again with your students next year.

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2 years ago

You do have great watering skills!! :) thanks for a great year!! 50/50