• Crisis management

crisis management is the communications management function used to convey accurate facts and data to the general public and to specific publics during a crisis situation in order to prevent or minimize negative publicity that could adversely affect the success of the company.

Crisis management involves identifying a crisis, planning a response to the crisis and confronting and resolving the crisis. Crisis management can be applied in almost any field of endeavor, but it is most commonly used in international relations, political science, business and management.

Many school districts have developed crisis response guides, which identify potential situations such as fires and other disasters, bomb threats, confronting unwelcome visitors, violence (and threats thereof) and the death of a student.

In general terms, the theory of crisis management can be divided into crisis bargaining and negotiation, crisis decision making, and crisis dynamics.

In a crisis, always sit down and think hard about your decision, and for as long as needed (or allowed) about ways in which you can resolve it.

It has to be you. that applies even if somebody else has to carry the burden of action - how you brief, direct and control the other or other will vital to the outcome.

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