The Missing Tour Bus

by Taylor m. And natalee w.

the crime

One Direction was in a world tour. In December,they were touring in LA. The concert lasted three hours. It was one of their best.They had a world record breaking amount of fans there. When the concert was over, the tour bus that they drove there was gone. It wasn't in the place they left it! they ran out side and were very unhappy. They called the detectives right away. when the detectives got outside,they got to work.

puzzling question

Who stole One Directions tour bus?


Natalee Styles is 28 years old. She is Harry Styles wife.She is funny and sweet. She has been married to harry for three years. There home is in Hollywood. Harry is a band member. Taylor is also a detective.She is also 28 and pretty and sweet. She is married to one directions guitarist, Niall Horan. They have been married for four years and they live in the setting of the mystery , LA. When we got the call that the bus was stolen we were backstage. We ran as fast as we could to solve the crime. we called every suspect and heard there story.


Miley Cyrus- blonde hair,pop singer,short hair,actor

'' I was also doing a concert in LA. My show got out ten minuets earlier that One Direction did. But I did not steel a bus.''

MOTIVE-She was mad because their new music video has more hits that her Hannah Montana videos had.

5SOS-five boys,boy band, pop music

They are a band that opens up for 1D. ''We were done playing an hour before one direction went on. There our friends and we would never do anything bad to them.''.

MOTIVE- They could have wanted all the fame and stole it.

Justin bieber- pop singer, male,ladies man,

''I was on his way to Canada. LA is not on the way to Canada''

MOTIVE-The girls fall for ''The Direction'' more than Bieber.

Simon Cowell - judge on X factor,brown hair,

Simon did not answer our call. But he was in the town.

MOTIVE-Two weeks ago he was upset because One Direction did not give him a shout out when they won their award. He did put he band together.



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