The Westing Game

Characters: Angela Wexler-  The Bomber

Otis Amber- private investigator;heir

Flora Baumbach- had a daughter that died; followed stock market

Berthe Erica Crow- Clues identify her as a murder suspect

Dr. D. Denton Deere - engaged; helps another find medical assistance

Julian R. Eastman- also called McSouthers, Northrup, Westing, and Windkloppel

Josie- Jo Ford- indebted to Westing for paying for her education

Doug Hoo- Won an olympic medal

James Shin Hoo- inventor and critical parent

Madame Sun Lin Hoo- the thief in the apartments

Sandy McSouthers- liked chess and made Turtle go to the dentist.

Barney Northrup- Real estate agent

Sydelle Pulaski- was the mistake of the heirs

Dr. Sidney Sikes- life long friend, known to limp

Christos Theodrakis- bird and people watcher

George Theodrakis- was in love with Violet Westing

Mrs. Theodrakis- supported spouse, not an heir

Theo Theodrakis- liked Angela Wexler

Samuel Westing- was married to Berthe Crow

Grace Windsor Wexler- tries many jobs

Jake Wexler- was a bookie and teaches english to an heir

Turtle Wexler- wins the game

Setting: The story takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin around Lake Michigan. Most of the action takes place at Sunset Towers and the Westing House.

Conflict: Samuel Westing was murdered. 16 potential heirs are invited to hear his will and are told that one of them will inherit 200million dollars if he/she can find the killer among them.

Resolution: Turtle wins the Westing Game when she figures out the mystery and becomes the heir.

Author: Ellen Raskin was born in 1984. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Same as the book's setting). She was a very creative person and described herself as an artist. She did illustrate several books as well as write many others. She is Mostly known for her work made for her children.

Opinion: My favorite characters in the book were Angela and Turtle Wexler. I love how Angela just is so nice to people and I like how Turtle defends herself and guess what she's my age; 13! I also like how she can be smarter than she looks. Same thing about Angela about being smarter than she looks. I mean her being the bomber. WOW! That's the last person you'd think was even the bomber. She's also not just a pretty face.

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