SOLUTION: The Case of the Stolen Bobby Flay

Sammy and I reviewed our notes and found this... You can rule out Allen and Ramsay because they never wear ribbons. McDaniel too because the initials on the ribbon were S.A. (Shelly Abrams). Also we called the people that were in charge of the Harlem Globetrotters event and they had said that she had bought the 2 o'clock show ticket and was present. They also said that she had never bought a seven o'clock ticket. After the police questioned her, they told us that she admitted to planning to steal two more bunnies- Rachel Ray, and Guy Fieri. They were going to be for her three kids, and Ms. Abrams was charged for each bunny she stole and planned to steal, which ended up being a whopping $300. Bobby Flay was returned to TGBHS, and all was well.

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