Strategies & Tools for Presentations 2.0

R.I.P PowerPoint

PV LEGS: The six traits of public speaking

How do we grade PV LEGS?

Here are some sample rubrics that you can use in your classroom.  Do you think you could find one that your entire team could use?  Why is consistency between classes so important? You can use these rubrics as is, take pieces of each that you like, or create your what works for you and your department!

Online Presentation Tools

There are SO many tools out there for students to use while creating presentations.  PLEASE feel free to leave comments and/or questions about each program.  I will do my best to get them answered!

Time to work!

Ok, you have 25 minutes...use your time to learn a new tool yourself or create something you can use in your classroom.We will take a 5 minute break to discuss and then have a second 25 minute work session.  Let me know if I can help.

Things to think about...

Do we need to have kids present to the whole group every single time?  Can they use other tools: voice recordings, videos, screencasts, etc. to get the same message across?  How can we use these presentation tools to increase our teaching time?

Please add your comments to these questions below:

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