Brighton Beach Memories

The Great Depression was the deepest and longest-lasting economic let down in the history of the Western industrialized world. The Great Depression affected everybody but rich people did not really feel any impact. The Great Depression had took affect in the 1930's.

University of California at Los Angeles

Tuition in 1930 at this college was a minimum of $25.00. Some of the major differences from college back then and now could be the prices. Also the amount of space or rooms they have. The mascot for this college is a hedgehog.

In 1930 the cost of gas was about 17 cents per gallon. Bacon was about 38 cents per pound, bananas were about 19 cents for 4 pounds, and oranges were 25 for 14 cents.

Dear Mr. Stroneiham,

      I understand that what I did to you was very wrong. And I'm very sorry for wiping dirt on your shoes. I know it was very unprofessional of me and I should not have done that, but I only did it because I felt that you were not being fair.

      I thought that it was my right to stand up. I thought that it was not fiar of you to treat Andrew differently than one of us just because he is colored.

      But, now I am just asking for forgiveness to get my job back. I need to help my father out to provide for the people in my household. There are 7 people living in my house i need to help my father provide for all. So can you please let me have my job back and I am very sorry.




The first Broadway show premiered February 26, 2014. The cost for a ticket is $49.50. There are a total of 18 scenes throughout the show. More than 150 moving lights brighten the stage

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