The Moon's Importance

Bethany Nevills

4th hour

The moon's role.

the moon has many roles. One of them is the phases the phases of the moon are full moon, first quarter , new moon, waxing crescent, 3rd quarter, waning gibbons, waxing gibbons, and waning crescent. That's not all the moon does it affects the tides of the oceans and streams. There is a neap tide and a spring tide those occur 2 a month each. There is also low and high tides that they go back and for every 6.25 hours on a cycle high and low. There is something else can you believe it well there is and its eclipses, you may be thinking wow twilight, well twilight had nothing to do with the moon. there are different types of eclipses solar and lunar eclipses.

There a phases of the moon (side note: we only see on side of the moon) the phases of the moon are full moon,  1st  quarter, waxing crescent, 3rd quarter, waning gibbous, new moon, waxing gibbous, and waning crescent.  we have moon phases because of the tilt of the moon on its axis, and the tilt of the earth on its axis. But the biggest thing is it helps us tell time. But it also helps with Witch will bring me to my next point.

There are a thing called tides  witch is caused mainly by the differences in how much gravy from the moon and the sun pulls on different parts of the earth. There are low tides and high tides, spring tides, and neap tides, spring tides occur at a new and full moon. Neap tides occur at 3rd and 1st quarter moons. Tides are the rise and fall of the ocean water that occurs every 12.5 hours, so there is a rise for about 6 hours and falls about 6 hours.

There are two types of eclipses solar and lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses occur when the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from earth. Another the other hand a lunar eclipses occur at a full moon when earth is directly between the moon and the sun. Eclipses really don't affect earth they are just plain creepy. The eclipses that we see on earth have a umbra and a penumbra. A umbra is the dark shadow. Well on the other hand a penumbra is the shadow from earths sunlight.


life without the moon would be horrible. The moon plays a important role in are life without it there would be mot tides. Without the moon there would NEVER be natural light at night for us to see at night. The moon is a amazing thing that has different forms and shapes that we see. We only see one side of the moon though. The moon is absolutely astonishing.

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