Marriage Ceremony

By: Yondora, Antawan, and Stanley

There were many steps taken in getting married such as preparing for the wedding ceremony, the Bride and Groom would be attended by their family and close friends. The color of the wedding attire varied the tradition of white came much later in time. The bridal procession would depart from the family's house to the church, they would be accompanied by musicians and entertainers. The next stage was the ceremony, once at the church the ceremony was a solemn one everyone would stand as the church did not include any pews. Sometimes the families and friends would enjoy a feast, the content of the feast was very exotic with dishes such as peacock, and drinks were generally wine or water but wine was preferred considering the water was contaminated and unclean. In the end, the married couple would return home and the families and friends wished the Bride and Groom a long prosperous life filled with happiness.

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