The Power of Love

By Ronnie C. Wright aka Dr. Stayfine

"DON'T BURN BRIDGES - EXTEND THEM WITH LOVE," are the words my father Earl Louis Wright, Sr. asked me to share with family, friends and community. I came home to share his last two months on earth; and, he granted me my most important interview.

RCW: What are your regrets?
ELW: None! Life is a glass of milk. Sometimes, you spill some - don't cry - clean it up - be thankful for what you got and enjoy the taste of sweet victory.

RCW: What's your top priority?
ELW: Love! It's the most important spirit in life. It can move you, stir your soul - groove you, rock you and help you rise above the stuff that doesn't matter.

RCW: What important lesson did you learn on your journey?
ELW: Forgive! It breaks down walls; melts cold hearts and allows love to continue to flow. Forgiveness cleans your soul with freedom and restores inner peace.

RCW: Favorite song?
ELW: America! It will lift the heart in every man, woman and child.

RCW: You opened for Ray Charles, back in the day. What did you learn from Ray?
ELW: Love and kindness is never blind. Ray could see the light that shined from the heart of man - your essence - your spirit - your true illumination.

RCW: As a semi-pro baseball pitcher, you defeated the legendary Mudcat Grant before he became a Major League Pitcher. How?
ELW: The fundamentals! Staying within myself. Stick to the "abc's" in life and begin with a solid foundation; and, if you do this then the building will stand forever because it's built on a rock.

RCW: How do you define success?
ELW: Telling the people in your life that you love them. And, seeing them grow and develop with love.

RCW: You are going to die soon. Are you afraid?
ELW: No! Life goes on...I'm simply going home...So, be not afraid. Honor me by living your life and celebrating life now. I love you!

Ronnie C. Wright is Chairman and CEO/ chief creative director at STAYFINE; he is the host of the Dr. Stayfine Show and author of 17 books.