Email Etiquette Notes

Carlos Cervantes

  • Use proper spelling,grammar & punctuation you might need this when you type and when you work for a job that you have to type a lot.
  • don't not ask to recall a message that not to do this because it will sound silly so just say i made a mistake instead of recalling a message.
  • Read email before you send it becaus eyou could of made a mistake and they say you did'nt use punction and grammar.
  • Don't reply to spam that don't do it just delete the message because it say that you email is live
  • Don't forward chain letters because right when you get it just delete the message right away because they are hoaxes.
  • Avoid long sentences try to keep your


    about 15-20 words so that means that it's a fast email.
  • Keep language gender neutral like it's trying to say that shouldn't
    you use bad language in your writing.
  • Be careful with formatting that when you send a formatt the best thing to do id use color in the words it's easier to see.
  • Use meaningful subject try using meanful subject that helps you.
  • Don't overuse reply to all only use reply all when you need each of the people you sent the message to.

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