Ben Nelson

My names is Ben Nelson. I like to be with my friends and hang out all over the place. I love to play Xbox and talk to people.

Three Interesting Things


I like to play Xbox because I am good at it. There are lots of games that I like to play such as Dark Souls I+II and i like to play Call of Duty. There are lots of friends that like to play Xbox with me and I meet new people all time.

Dirt Bikes

I like to ride dirt bikes in the woods. I like to go ridding with my cousins at their house because we always do stupid things. All of the people I go riding with are really fun to be around. I don't go ridding as much as I used to and I miss it.


I like to go swimming with my friends. I love to swim because it is a good time for friends to have a good time. Swimming is also entertaining because you can do whatever you want in the water. Also the cold feels good when it is really hot outside.


-I want to do good in this year in school and get good grades

-I want to pass all my classes

-I want to get a job so I can buy stuff

I would love to go to

I want to go to France because I learned about it in french class. It sounded really interesting. The people there seemed to be very interesting.

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