In the late 1300's the Inca were just a small community in a area called cuzcoand at a city located at the southern peru. As well they had a leader/ruler called Pachcut

                                            Political and Social Structures

The Maya cities are built around a central pyramid topped by a shrine to the gods. Its around the tempals, palaces, and a saured ball court. A lot of people believe that inhabitats may have lived in urban in tikal in the present day of guatemala

                                                      Writings and Calendar

                  The Maya created a sophisticated writing based on hieroglyphs.  

The largest Maya cities were home to many people. At the major centre of Tikal, for example, within a six-square-mile area, there were over 10,000 individual structures ranging from temple-pyramids to thatched-roof huts. They wear hats with feathers on them and creative clothes. Many of the foods of the Maya, both ancient and modern, are strange to us, such as manioc, chaya, and jicama; but other fruits and vegetables are found in today's supermarkets avocados, sweet potatoes, guavas, and tomatoes. Some of the warriors were actually more powerful than the nobles they served. The leaders of the warriors in each city might work with the city priests to determine if captives were needed for sacrifice. Pyramids were the largest buildings in Mayan cities and were built as temples and royal tombs. Shrines where sacrifices were made to the gods were at the top, while burial chambers were hidden deep inside

Maya rulers. Maya kings were the centers of power for the Maya civilization. Each Maya city-state was controlled by a dynasty of kings.

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