Sean Ringgold: Actor, Outdoorsman, and Volunteer

Many people strive to offer the complete package when it comes to working in a professional career, but few ever truly measure up to the task. Sean Ringgold is one of those men who just seems to be able to do it all. He has forged a successful career as a professional actor by consistently putting out solid work for more than a decade in the industry. He is widely known for his roles in major television and film productions, as well as his immense philanthropic work and dedication to volunteerism.

As an actor, Ringgold is best known for his ability to captivate audiences in numerous different ways. He received an Emmy Nomination in 2011 for his portrayal of the character Shaun Evans on ABC’s television drama, One Life to Live. Sean spent six years developing the character and has since found many more opportunities to act in the industry.

Sean Ringgold’s acting portfolio includes work in major advertising campaigns and commercials for corporate brands such as Nike, Fiat 500, Dr. Scholls, Budweiser, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, and Delta Airlines. He is also recognized for his work in the films American Gangster and The Smurfs. In 2009, Ringgold appeared alongside Angela Bassett in the film NOTORIOUS, in which he portrays CEO and music mogul of Death Row Records, Suge Knight.

Sean recently appeared in the 2014 film, Before I Disappear, which features Oscar Award Winner Shawn Christensen. Ringgold is also set to have roles in two films that are scheduled to be released in 2015.

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