The Aztec Empire
Aztec Warfare
By dean and Eric


To be warrior was a glorious position in the society. It wouldn't surprising if your son wanted to join the army when he grew up. As we'll see, there were also great rewards in store for the successful soldier.

Boys in the empire would receive a great education, no matter what they wanted for a career. Astronomy, rhetoric, poetry, history, and of course religion would all be very important subjects at school. Then there would be actual training on the battlefield.
A boy became a man in society at 17. For a commoner wanting to go to war, this meant starting out in the lower ranks in the army. There were servants, who basically just carried weapons and supplies. Then there was the youth in training, who had not yet captured his first prisoner. That first capture was an initiation into the world of the real Aztec warrior.

Aztec Army

The Aztec army was a variety of different classes and ranks, from this they build a structure to their army allowing them to organize and go into battle and into war with great confidence. Most of the army was commoners who had the basic training of fighting behind them and were often outside of the warrior ranking system. A smaller part of the army was constructed from Aztec nobility who ranking in the army was devoted by their achievements, these were the professional warriors whose full time occupation was battle and war.

Eagle warriors

The First type of Aztec warrior was the Eagle Warrior. Eagle Warriors were the scouts of the Aztec Warriors as well as being fierce fighters. They were the eyes, ears, the messengers who would find the information needed to lead and plan an attack. These warriors often wore helmets covered with eagle feathers and heads. They adorned their armor with feathers and carried brightly colored shields.

Jaguar Warriors

The second type of Aztec warrior were the Jaguar Warriors. The Jaguar Warriors were considered to be the best fighting troops and full time warriors. They were the brute force of the Aztec army, they wore Jaguar skins over their heads with their faces peering out beneath the jaguar mouth.


The Otomi were respected for their vicious fighting style. It is not clear whether the otami were a true type of Aztec rank or whether it was clearly a band of outsiders who found alongside the Aztecā€™s. Whichever way they were considered allies and fierce fighters.

The Shorn Ones

The Shorn Ones were the most respected Aztec warrior rank. Once again as we have seen before in the Aztec warriors their dress was unique to the rank. The Shorn Ones would have cleanly shaved heads with a single long braid in tact from the back of their head. The shorn ones painted their faces with vivid colors to show their ferocity and were renowned for not taking a backwards step in combat.

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