Love is colorblind.

Sarah Cain

I Believe...

I believe in the ability to change lives,

the power of God,

the love God has for everyone,

the preservation of history,

the quality of life,

equality, honor, love,

But I don’t believe in judging others.

I believe in friendship,

I believe in justice,

I believe in interracial relationships,

honesty, sincerity, trust,

And I believe in racism being wrong.

My Personal Credo

     I live by the credo love is colorblind. Love is love, no matter who it’s with. When you love someone, race is just another word to you.

     I formed this belief because I’ve seen many interracial couples before and I don’t see a problem with it, but because I’ve been around people all my life saying that being in an interracial relationship isn’t good, I feel that being with who you want to be with is your choice not someone else’s. I feel that you shouldn’t let someone else tell you who you should or should not date. I feel it is important to stick to these beliefs because everybody deserves to be with who they want.

     I don’t think my credo will change as I grow older because that is a decision you make and if you love that person you aren’t going to look at their skin color and say ‘oh no I can’t love him or her because (s)he’s black, white, etc’. I see it evolving now because I am around more and more interracial couples. Really, I don’t seeing it shape my future; I just see it as a personal life decision about who you want to be with and how you want to live your life. If I was with someone, I may not be with him 20 years from now. No one knows, but God and what God wants is what God wants. If God wanted me to be with him for a very long time, I would. I can’t tell if it shapes my future because I won’t know what the future holds until I get there. I may end up in an interracial relationship or not.

     This credo is significant to me because I feel like not enough people are supportive of interracial relationships. I wouldn’t charge others to follow my credo because it’s someone’s decision if they want to be in an interracial relationship. If they don’t want to be in one, why should someone force them to be in the kind of relationship they don’t want? It would be beneficial for others to listen to these words because a lot of people are racist nowadays and don’t feel like interracial couples are acceptable.

By: Sarah Cain

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