Haiti in the 1980's

" At first, Duvalier was able to parlay his anti-Communist credentials into sizable aid grants from the U.S. But he squandered much of the funds on grandiose prestige projects like the model city of Duvalier, now a collection of decaying buildings overgrown by jungle. The U.S. finally cut all but a trickle of aid in the early 1960s. Under Duvalier, Haiti's per capital income of less than $75 remained the hemisphere's lowest, and the country was still racked by disease and hunger."


Hundreds of human rights workers, journalists and lawyers are arrested and exiled from the country.


Over 200 peasants are massacred at Jean-Ra beau after demonstrating for access to land. The Haitian Bishops Conference launches a nation-wide (but short-lived) literacy program. Anti-government riots take place in all major towns.

This shows how evil the government in Haiti was

The government in Haiti during the 1980's was a tyrannical government:(  

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