Passion Quotient (PQ) and Curiosity Quotient (CQ)

As a school administrator, I understand the importance of bringing PQ and CQ into my work. Here is how I strive to achieve these aims:


I am passionate about incorporating pedagogical documentation into teaching and learning practices in our school. As a way of making children's learning visible, I explore different ways documentation can be carried out, including through the use of class blogs:

Service learning

As a means of giving true purpose to education, I am curious about how service learning in schools can lead to individual and social transformation. This is evidenced by recent discussions amongst our school leadership team to begin implementing a service learning program in the lower elementary years.

Technology in the early years

I am passionate about changing mindsets on the role of technology in early childhood education. As opposed to a potential threat or distraction to young children, I view technology as a powerful means of improving teaching and learning practices in the early years. My CEP coursework has certainly increased my interest in finding ways to address this challenge.

Design thinking

I am curious to learn how design thinking for children can lead to creativity, innovation, problem-solving and problem-finding skills. I am especially interested to discover how such programs allow children to solve real world problems and create better futures for all of us.

Networking and workshops

I am passionate about increasing my opportunities to learn, grow, network and collaborate with like-minded educators. This is evidenced by my recent participation in regional workshops such as Learning2 Asia: Empowering Community and iTeach PD: Google in the Classroom.

Using technologies to instill passion and curiosity

Connecting my colleagues to an expanding Professional Learning Network is one of the ways I instill passion and curiosity in others. Here are some of the technology tools I have begun to introduce to my colleagues to achieve this purpose:

  • WordPress class blogs (set-up and implementation)
  • Social media (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.)
  • iPad educational apps
  • Google Apps for Education (deployment and PD)


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