By: Sam Adams

Flood Plain

This is the Mississippi Flood PLain

A Flood Plain is a relatively flat land adjacent to a river channel that is under water when the river floods.


A Watershed is an area of high water to low water then to a larger body of water.


Sources can be fresh water or salt water

A source is where the water begins at.


Mouths are sometimes lakes or oceans.

A mouth is where a river empties into a larger body of water.


Deltas' sediments could be bones,plants, and litter.

A Delta is an area formed from the deposition of sediments at the mouth of a river.

Great Basin

The Great Salt Lake is a Great Basin.

A Great Basin is a watershed where the water does not flow into an ocean.


Mountains separate the water.

A divide is where mountains separate watersheds and rivers.

Head Waters

A Headwaters is an area of water where there is less light and plants.


A Tributary is a stream or river that flows into a larger river.

Down River

A Down River is between headwaters and flood plain.

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