Darfur Genocide

Who is the genocide happening to? (What specific group of people?)

The genocide is happening to African groups. Some of the ethnic African groups include Fur, Maasalit and Zaghawa.

Who was killing this group of people? Why were they killing them? (What reasons were they being killed?)

Most of Darfur is Muslim, but there were those tribal and ethnic African groups that were different. The Sudanese government took advantage of these differences and armed ethnic Arab militia groups, known as the “Janjaweed,” to attack the ethnic African groups. The ethnic group were also pastoralists, or people that move around and raise livestock, and the Arabs were nomadic herders, or people who bring their tents and belongings with them for life, and raise goats, sheep, camels, and yaks.

What did the United Nations do to stop or prevent the genocide? Did any other organization or groups of people besides the UN try to help?

The United and African Union are introducing forces to stop violence. The international Criminal Court also issued an arrest warrant for the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for directing a campaign of mass killing, rape and pillage against civilians in Darfur, in addition to the outstanding warrants for former Sudanese Minister of State for the Interior Ahmad Harun and Janjaweed militia leader Ali Kushayb.

What statement is this political cartoon making about genocide? ( What does the cartoon mean?)

The statement the cartoon makes is genocide is hard to detect when you are another country. It took America a little while to finally realize that genocide was going on and that it was against the United Nations Genocide Convention. The men in suits represent America and the man ask " Genocide " and the other man says " Nah ... Not yet ". They are just sitting around and waiting while all of the killing is going on.

Refugees from Darfur