My Mathematics Autobiography
By: Megan Hart

I am an Elementary Education major in the PK-4 program. I have an older sister, Amber, who has to little girls (Cayle 10 and Morgan 7).  Currently, I am the assistant director of the after school program and summer camp at Harrisburg Academy. Also, I am employed at Old Navy in Camp Hill. Giraffes are my favorite animal and I am not really sure why. An interesting fact that much people don't know is that I am good at shooting bow and arrow (thanks to my dad).

I love to paint even though half the time I don't know what it is I am painting. I tend to go through a lot of canvas when I get the mood to create something. Also, my friend and I like to find projects on pinterest and try to duplicate them. Above is our canvas from an melted crayon art project. In addition to painting, I like to bake, especially new recipes. My parents tend not to like it because I never eat anything I make so they usually the ones who have too.

In elementary and middle school, math was something I understand and enjoyed. I liked that there was always one correct answer so you knew if you were right or not. Middle school math focused on algebra equations which are usually my best area in mathematics. In high school, I had to take geometry and that did not go well. The teacher would not help me further understand the material so I soon gave up.

As a future teacher, I hope to make math fun and relatable to all my students. I believe connecting the lessons to knowledge they already know, is key for the students to fully understand the material. Some fears I have about teaching math is the students might uncover my feelings about it therefore, not like it either. I don't want my personal beliefs to affect the way I teach a subject. The fear I have about learning mathematics is that I will not understand the concept which will hold me back.

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