Tuck Suppliers

Providing stationary and snacks!


The tuck suppliers is the business including all types of goods for the members of the school such as students and teachers. It provides a tuck-shop service to help be well prepared for the school day.  


The goods we will be providing in this tuck shop are the basic stationary eg. Pen,Pencil,Eraser, Sharpener etc. So the students are well prepared to learn. As well as, in this tuck shop snacks will be included, such as variety of drink choices, biscuits and cookies etc.


We are aiming to approach anyone with in school with this tuck shop, specially are fellow students as we want to help them be well prepared and well equipped. The snacks will help give them energy which will help them be more enthusiastic for lessons. This will also help the teachers be ready to teach and help them to keep going through out the day.

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