Dance Class Syllabus

Welcome to LEHS Dance Studio!
Dance I, II, III/IV

Contact Information

Teacher: Mrs. Smith

Dance Room Number: 5125

Conference 2:50pm-3:40pm (6th Period)


Phone: 972.292.1840 x25125

Course Description for Dance Classes I-IV

  • TSW (the student will) develop an awareness of the body's movement using sensory information while dancing, develops knowledge and skills of dance elements, choreographic processes, and forms in a variety of dance genres and styles; develop knowledge and execution of technical dance skills in a variety of dance genres and styles through performing, develop an understanding of cultural, historical, and artistic diversity, and make informed personal judgments about dance and the meaning and role of dance in society.

Materials Needed for Class

  • Manners--Yes Ma’m and No Ma’m
  • Change of clothes (cover the 4 B’s)
  • Dance Shoes (NOT HOUSE SHOES!)
  • NO FLIP-FLOPS or sandals
  • Combination Lock (Dance I)

I may request other materials throughout the year with plenty of advance notice (such as music, speakers, costumes, etc.).


  • Memorize it or sing the Fight Song to retrieve it.
  • Dance I students MUST bring combination lock (except for drill team and cheerleaders)
  • If you choose to decorate your locker, NO FABRIC and do not "wrap" the edges of the door as this will jam your locker.


Grading for specific assignments will be communicated, but generally is as follows:

  • Dressed out and Participate: 100%
  • Missing change of clothes or dance shoes but participate: 50%
  • Refusal to participate: Unacceptable. 0% and office referral
  • ONLY exception: Doctor’s note with duration of how long you are to sit out; you will complete daily written assignments and assist with music.

All other (Formative) assignments - 40%

Tests/Projects/Performances (Summative) assignments - 60%

All other assessments can be turned in on time for full credit. After the due date, the student may receive 90% of the grade they earn for their work up until 3 days before the end of the grading period.

Summative assessments can be turned in on time for full credit. After the due date, the student loses 10 points for each day late up to 30 points. Summative assessments may not be turned in more than 1 week after the due date.

Summative assignments turned in on time may be re-taken in order to increase the students' grade on a case-by-case basis. The policy for each type of assignment is different, so it's best to speak with Mrs. Smith if you are interested in bringing up your grade.

  • Critiques--5 or more sentences unless otherwise specified: 100% ***Elaborate!
  • Other Test Grades may include: choreography, performance, taped performance, self-critiques, costume doll.

Students who are absent must:
*practice at home
*speak with a peer
*speak with Mrs. Smith if they still have questions
All work from their absence must be made up within the number of days they were absent, plus one day (daily participation grades do not need to be made up unless you miss more than a week of school).

Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated. If a student copies someone else's work when original content was requested they will still need to complete the assignment for learning purposes, but will not be able to receive credit. If a student allows another to copy their work, neither will be able to receive credit.

UNITS--Dance class may cover the following units (not necessarily in this order)

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • High Kick
  • Choreography
  • Multi-Cultural
  • Hip-Hop

Classroom Best Practices

We concur with all LEHS policies regarding student conduct and behavior. Additionally, we will respect the dance room in the following ways:

  • NO High-heeled shoes or muddy shoes; respect the dance floor!
  • Stay off props, ballet barre, mirrors, anything that is not yours--keep hands, feet and objects to yourself unless part of the choreography.

Classroom Procedure

  • Tardies taken at locker room door (inside door or you are tardy).  Tardy pass REQUIRED to be admitted to class after the bell.
  • Change quickly and bring your ID's with you in case you are called to the office.
  • If you bring your phone, put it on SILENT.
  • When you are dismissed to locker room at the end of class, STAY IN LOCKER ROOM until bell rings (NOT IN HALLWAY).


Please fill out the following Google Form. This will serve as acknowledgement that you have received and read your student's class syllabus. There is also a place to provide your preferred contact information as well as volunteer within the theatre.

Dance Class Parent Acknowledgment Form

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