How to Make a Clipboard

By Ben and Kristina

First you get walnut and red oak wood. Then you measure and cut 9 strips of lumber using the table (3/4 x 1-1/16 x 16). Then you take the miter box saw and you cut them a 16". Next you glue the 9 boards all together and then you take 3 claps and then you clamp them together and wait a day till the glue is ready. Then you grab it and you take the clamps off then you use a scraper and you scrap the glue off and then you sand one side really good. Then you take the clip board and you put the side that you did not sand and you put it face down and you push it in the plane and you do that till it gets to 10mm thick. Then you make the clip board 15" long and even. Then you sand it again. Then you take the board and then you go to the stationary circular sander and you make your corners rounded. Then you hand sand the edges. Then you take the clipboard and you sand both side with regular sand paper then you take fine sand paper and you sand it really good. Then you take notebook paper and you make your board shinny. Then you can if you want to you can burn some design or word on your board. Then we put 3 coats of danish oil and then we waited a day and then you put polyurethane on the clipboard 3 times on each side. Then you take steel wool and you take the bubbles out of it. Then you take the scratch awl and you make two starter holes and then you screw your clip on.
Tools used: glue scraper, wood burner, Phillips screw driver, clamps, scratch awl, tape measure, paint brush, pencil, square,
Machines used: Wood planer, miter box saw, table saw, stationary belt and circular sander, sander
Materials used: screws, clip, red oak and walnut wood, polyurethane, danish oil stain, wood glue, steel wool, sandpaper, notebook paper, safety glasses

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