How To Make A video

By: Avery M.

Do you like YouTube videos and you want to make one? Well this is the tackk for you. This tackk will teach you how to make a video. You will learn to find supplies, setting the video up, making the video, finishing the video and posting the video.


Making video’s is hard and takes a while to make but it is fun to do. This tackk will help you with making videos, but the problem is that you need to have a program that you can make videos with.

Finding the supplies and getting the supplies

The supplies you need to make a video are a camera, a couple of toys, a back ground, and a stand a stand to hold your camera up. You also need a sd card in your camera a sd card is something that holds the pictures for you.

Setting the video up

When you setting up the video you need a place to set it up. When i'm setting videos up I put it on the table or ground. Then I put it on the table you can move it anywhere or you can zoom in or out if you like it doesn't matter with me, but you don't want it to be blurry. You can do whatever you want it does not matter with me.

Making the video

Now your need to set up the toys you picked. You can start with whatever you want. Next you want to take pictures make sure nothing is in front of the camera that you don’t want. Now you want to take your photos make sure that you move the guys slowly when your taking the pictures because if you take huge steps it will look bad.

Finishing the video and posting it

When your done tacking the pictures you need to take the sd card out and put it in the pc. Next you need to have this program on the pc that helps make the videos with the pictures you have. Now ask your parents to post it on Face Book, and you are done your first ever video.


If you follow these instructions you will create a video that you can share with your friends. You will also have fun making the video.


PC: stands for computer

SD card: The Sd card is a storage devise that holds pictures for you.

Video maker: It’s a program on the pc that you can take the pictures from the sd. card that you took and turn it into a video.

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