Color Wheel

1. What color was the hardest to photograph? I think the hardest color to find was the violet.

2. What did you take a picture of for each of your colors- label them by the color and the item IE Green- was grass Blue was water. ETC.-- Yellow was my dog, yellow/orange was a tool, orange was a sled, orange/red was a basketball, red was a flower, red/violet was a wood sign, violet was a blanket, violet/blue was the sunset, blue was the sky, blue/green was a phone case, green was a pine tree, green/yellow was bark on oak tree.

3. Which is your favorite photo. My favorite photo is the pine tree/green and the sunset /violet-blue.

4. Was any of your photos better large than cropped? Which one? Yes there were a few that were but one of the main ones was the yellow/orange because you can not tell what it is.