Music & Fads of 1930's

Kalob JOhannsen Hr 5 research project


Music was a very popular thing back in the 1930's. A lot of people listened to music to entertain themselves and to just show what they feel. Music became real popular when a few people started listening to it and then it just spread from friends and all over. It was early 1930's when people got real big in to music. They had it played at parties a lot back when it got big. Music got big all around the U.S. fairly fast. Many types of people listened to music and enjoyed it. It came about because people were always looking for different things to entertain them.  There were many types of music but the main few were Folk, and Jazz. Jazz was the Biggest in the U.S. because a lot more people enjoyed the beat of it.


In the 1930's people tried to look good but they tried to make it inexpensive because things started costing a lot. Some fads were different types of games or clothes or hobbies like that. These fade were located all of the U.S. with many types of people. People did that because they were always looking for things to entertain them so like games and music were really popular. Some things like monopoly came out in 1935 which many people enjoyed playing. Also horse racing became legal and betting on them was allowed so many people attended that as well. Baseball also became big back then and people enjoyed watching that on their free time.

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