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Your Headline

Punch pizza sells Neapolitan pizza. The story of punch started in  Milan Italy. One of the co owners John Surrono lived there. 1 this sprouted an idea. On his honeymoon in Nice, France his wife and him got lost and they ended up in a authentic Neapolitan pizzeria.2 thenHe met John and Kim Puckett the founders of caribou coffee, who wanted to be partners after they sold caribou.3

Fun Facts

- Neapolitan pizza comes from Naples, Italy, which Is where pizza came from.

-The traditional brick wood fire oven burns at a blistering 800 degrees which means you pizza is done in 90 seconds.

- Both the owners' names are john

- the president talked about how punch payed higher than minimum wage at his state-of-the-union speech.

-All the resteraunt are in MN and it's based in the Twin Cities.

-they have about 300 workers and now they get payed $10 an hour which is $3,000 for just one hour.

- punch was founded in 1996 by john Surrono

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