The BIOTIC factors in my rainforest pictures are...







The ABIOTIC factors in my rainforest picture are...




*tempature of 27c


                        carrying capacity

              Limit of how many individual organisms an ecosystem can support.

                         limiting factors

                                    Factors that influence carrying capacity.

                                    EX:  A snake can be a predator to a rat

                                       A bird can be a predator to a worm       

The king vulture is a scavenger that lives in the rainforest he does not kill its own food he scavenges for his food and eats dead prey.

These are some of the plants that live in the rainforest and they are producers they turn the sun into chemical energy to produce their own food.

A Jaguar lives in the rainforest and they are carnivores so they eat only meat.

This is a bird that lives in the rainforest and is a herbivore they eat only eat plants.

These live in the rainforest and they are omnivores they eat both plants and animals.

              Food chains and food webs!

Food webs are more realistic than food chains because they are overlapping each other and you can see everything better

if i removed the producers than nothing would survive because they wouldnt have any energy.

                                     CO2 + H2O ----->  C6 H12 O6 + O2

PHOTOSYNTHESIS produces TWO things and those two things are GLUCOSE and                                                                    OXYGEN.

Phototsynthesis takes place in the plants chloroplasts which is in the leaves.

For photosynthesis to occur you have to have sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide and they produce oxygen and glucose.


Thigmotropism occurs in many different places, one of those places is the rainforest, thigmotropism is when a plant finds something to grab ahold of, and wraps itself around     the tree or stick or even a wall while it keeps growing.

Tropisms help my organism because if we didn't have tropisms no plants would grow and then more living organisms would start to decrease.


Decomposers are important to my ecosystem because they CREATE soil, and you need good soil in the rainforest. Decomposers break down dead organisms, and they create top soil.

Some decomposers you could find in my organism worms, mushrooms, fungi, and even beetles. These are some of decomposers down below...


It is important to have adaptations because if you didn't adapt to certain things your species could end up dieing.

Some adaptations that come from my organism are adapting to the humid air and adapting to the rain. Here are some pictures down below...

If i were to put one of my species into a different environment, such as a jaguar, and i put it into the arctic it would slowly star to decrease the jaguar population, and they would possibly become extinct.

                           natural selection

Natural selection is when you don't get to choose what your baby is going to look like.

Sometimes it is important to have natural selection for organisms in an ecosystem, because they won't try to be exact and cause a bad situation.

One animal that has been naturally selected is, a jaguar, a jaguar can not pick how they want their baby to be they naturally breed. If the environment were to change they would have to adapt to it quickly.

                                 This is the END of my tack i hope you liked it!!!

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