Brighton Beach Memoirs
By:Abigail Blanco

The Great Depression

The Great Depression consisted of 13 to 15 millions of American's unemployed and half of the banks nearly failed. This went on for nearly 10 years from 1929-1939. The cause of all of this was the stock market crash. Throughout the years of the Great Depression the Americans slowly started to recover its nation by getting employed to any jobs they could get. In 1942 the unemployment rate decreased to a below rate of pre-Depression level.

Colleges in the 1930's

                The University of Pittsburgh would be a great school for Eugene to go to because this college provided Literature, Composition, and writing. A tuition in the 1930s could cost about $250 a year. People today go to college more than people back in the days.  The University of Pittsburgh mascot is a panther.

Cost in the 1930's

In the 1930s going away for college is pretty rough because of money issues. A cost of gas per gallon in the 1930's was 17 cents. For your basics of food you would spend about $2.00-$3.00 for everything. To purchase a new car the average cost would be about $640. An average house cost would be about $7,145.00.

Stan's Apology letter

Dear, Mr. Stroheim

I understand why you wanted to write an apology letter. My actions towards you were inappropriate .All I wanted to do was to stand up for someone who couldn't stand up for themselves. I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression.

Mr. Stroheim just please remember all the good things I did in the past. I would show up on time for work, and even go the extra mile on work. I have also been nothing, but nice the employers and to you ask well.Please have faith in me.

Im also having problems with money right now with my family. I cant afford to lose this job because my family depends on me. My father Jack just lost his job and I cant afford to lose this one. Please consider me having my job back.

Sincerely ,Stanley


The first ever show of Chicago was November 14, 1996 at the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway. The cost of the show today cost about $50 per ticket. Chicago has been one of the second longest running show in Broadway history.

Personal Review

My review on the book was quite unusual but my overall review was good. This book shows that family is always there for you through rough times and good times. On the relationships on this book has made me realize that family bonds are important.

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