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Video OverPlay Review – Video OverPlay WP PLUGIN Ultimate Review and MASSIVE $22,400 BONUS

Video OverPlay Overview:

Video OverPlay Review - Video OverPlay Introduction:

The Wall Street Journal (Dubbed the millionaires magazine) said in 2010 that by 2014 all our learning and content will be delivered by Video… It was right and hasn’t slowed down since.

Now the problem lies in how you get your content noticed in an ever growing, crowded marketplace…

If you’ve got a WordPress blog or your site runs on it, I’m about to share with you the biggest game changing plugin that’s come out in a long while.

My friend, Cindy Battye has put together a plugin calledVideo Overplay that not only allows you to ethically take ANY video online and post it on your blog…

It's Video OverPlay

Video Overplay is a powerful WordPress based plugin that is GEARED to put the power of monetization back in YOUR hands by giving you control of every action that your viewer takes.

Video Overplay lets you harness the power of ANY video online and place it on your blog…

Then having your opt-in box, survey, order link to your product or an affiliate offer, placed right on top of the video to make sure that you get the commission, the leads, or even just get the traffic…

All of this is possible with an amazing plugin that takes care of that for you…

How it works is simple….

  1. You find the link of the video you want to use
  2. You put the link into the Video Overplay plugin
  3. Modify what you want to happen (opt-in, ask for a sale, survey or share)
  4. Take the short code and post it on your blog (or just click a button)
  5. Sit back and watch your new video increase conversions, opt-ins, and bring in more traffic for you.

Video OverPlay Review - Video OverPlay Features:

Unlike other video plugins out there, Video Overplay has set custom Call To Action buttons, surveys, social share buttons, and more all inside for quick and easy short code posting.

CTA Buttons


Sales funnel Set Up


Create An Opt-in Form in Video OverPlay


Social Sharing in Video OverPlay


Not only that, while OTHER video plugins are limited to YouTube, Video Overplay handles more than just one platform to make sure you get the most of the viral traffic coming your way.

Here’s a “Quick” list of Video OverPlay’s power:

  • Insert opt-in forms inside your video
  • Place call-to-action buttons inside of videos on your blog
  • Add social sharing buttons in the video
  • Multiple option call-to-action buttons for maximum conversion
  • Put any kind of html banner ad
  • Track impressions and actions
  • Split test your ads
  • And a hell of a lot more.

One of the users of Cindy Battye’s new Video Overplay WP plugin, used it on a new niche site to grow his list by 813 in just 21 hours.

Here’s how…

Adil found a highly watched cat video online, he took the url, and placed on his blog.

Using Video Overplay, Adil went ahead and created a no-brainer offer for his viewers.

21 hours later, 813 people have just opted into his VERY niche blog.

If he could build a list of 813 people with ONE video and Video Overplay, imagine what you could do if you placed more…

Not only can you build a mailing list using Video Overplay but it’s creator, Cindy Battye, has put together a list of amazing tools anyone can use to build an online business.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, product owner, seasoned pro, or just starting out, Video Overplay has all the features, benefits, and tools you need to turn even the suckiest video online into a traffic generating, list building, cash grabbing machine.

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