Immigration: The Boarders

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Immigration policy laws of today have been greatly influenced by race in the US.  It seems it is constantly in the headlines in every paper, news program and internet homepage.  Sadly, it seems the focus is always skewed toward the Mexican immigrants.  Sadly it seems as though they have become the face of unlawful immigration.  As a country we have shifted focus from Black to Mexican.  States such as Arizona have made laws to "protect" their citizens, which in turn cause racial profiling, and non-white citizens to essentially loose their rights.

Immigration of the 19th, 20th century and today are very similar, yet very different.  In the early 1900's immigrants came to the US in boatloads.  Literally!  The S.S. Batavia arrived in 1903 with 2,584 immigrants aboard, the largest single immigration of the time.  Although immigrants arriving from Europe were screened, logged and had to have proper paperwork, the process seemed to be much easier.  Now, to enter the US properly, the cost is significant, which prevents many from using the proper legal routes, causing the additional changes we see today.  So many immigrants past and present want to come to America, the Golden Land, were the streets are paved in gold and anyone can be a millionaire!  Sadly, for most that hasn't been the result.

Since the 1980's the immigration has moved the forefront of the public.  Politicians use varying language from "undocumented" to "illegal" which puts a negative spin on immigration.  The media uses the most sensational stories to gain viewers, and what is more sensational than "Illegal Immigrants..."?  Sadly, the media likes to commercialize on stereotypes, and negative images.  Immigrants are not taking our jobs, they are in many situations creating jobs, they spend money which inflates our economy, and in many situations have a better work ethic, they want to work and don't turn down jobs that may be considered "below them"!

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2 years ago

The words of the media provide the push that is needed to keep the public focused on the undocumented aliens. Seem that no matter what the language it is all directed and keeping people down.