Your body is a precious thing, and you can easily throw it all away by making the wrong choices for your body. You can hurt your body by eating bad foods. Some of the worst foods you can eat are bagels, sugary cereal, and doughnuts. All the fat you can gain from these foods make you obese and insecure of yourself, but even worse cause heart disease and possibly death. Exercising is also has a huge part in keeping your body healthy and functioning. Working out can also make you feel more energized, make you sleep better, and clear your skin. Drugs can also affect your body. What makes drugs even worse is it is your own fault for destroying your body. From skin to brain drugs can hurt and even kill you in all ways. Cigarettes can give you lung cancer. Cancer can grow in your mouth and you can lose all your teeth. Brain tumors can grow and your brain can get a disease where you become mad, enraged, unaware, and come to the point where you can't even stop because your brain does not know to stop anymore. Our body is what it keeps us live. Some people do not realize how hard it works for us and how easily you can throw it all away. People need to know how important your body is, and how bad drugs, unhealthy food, and not enough exercise can harm your body much more than you think. And once it is gone, it will never be as healthy again. Making bad choices without even thinking of the consequences is their own fault, but just as much it hurts everyone for our society is becoming more and more unhealthy. Fixing this issue will make our society physically and mentally healthier, and the problem to these harmful things we can do to our body.