K-12 Learning Mobile Apps

Journal Jar

What is it: Journal Jar is a writing prompt app. Students shake their mobile device and the app provides students with a random idea in which they can then write about.

How it can be used: This app can be used in language art classes where teachers give students 5 to 10 minutes each class to write about the ideas provided by the app. Journal Jar is a great way for students to practice brainstorming as well as the perfect time for imagination and creativity inside the classroom.


What is it: VoiceThread is a mobile app where students can post images, drawings, and videos that can then be commented on by their classmates and teachers.

How it can be used: VoiceThread is a great way for students to interact and collaborate with one another. This app can be used in an art or web design class that allows students the chance to get feedback and ideas about projects from their fellow classmates.


What is it: Shmuppet is a mobile app which allows students to tell a short story or create a podcast that can then be shared with their classmates and teachers via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

How it can be used: The Shmuppet app would be great for a social studies class where students can re-enact moments from history. It can also be used in an English class to create, bring to life and tell individual stories. This app focuses on student centered learning and gives students hands on experiences that can then be shared with their classmates.


What is it: Fotababble is a mobile app that allows students to take pictures and then tell the story related to the pictures.

How it can be used: Fotababble can be use in language arts classes where students can take pictures that they believe represent a scene from a book being read in class. This provides a unique way for students to visualize and explain individual interpretations that they make based on what is being read.


What is it: IAnimation is a mobile app in which students may create an animated story using pictures that they take.

How it can be used: IAnimation can be used by language arts teachers looking for a creative way for students to tell a story. Students create their own digital story using pictures that they take and animations that they choose from the app. This app also helps students who may not be as confident in their drawing skills to still be able to create a colourful and inviting book.

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