Always ask your parents before doing anything online.

Because It will help you by letting your parents know what you are doing oline and who you are talking to and who your friends are. And always ask your parents before you make a account on any website because ifyou dont the web site might not be safe.

Never meet up with someone you meet online.

You should never meet with someone you meet online because your never know who they really are it could be a old man and he could be acting like a 14 teen year old girl. If you meet with someone online then they could kid nap you and take you away from your family for ever.

Don't talk to any one you don't know

Because you dont know there real identy you never know who your really talking to and if they fool you they can learn your name or what you look like how old you are or even find out where you live.

Never give out any info about your account

Because if you give them your password they can get into your account and change stuff post pictures of something and everyone can see that and they can get you into alot of trouble.

Dont post anything you dont want other people to see

Because if you post a picture your job can see that your collage can see everyone can see that so by the on click of a button can get in into a lot of trouble with your loved ones or even the law.

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3 years ago

Are you safe online?