The Venetian Arsenal

Many people may look at the history of Venice and wonder why it flourished in the trading business. Almost all of the credit is due to the Venetian Arsenal. The Arsenal at Venice is a complex made of shipyards and armories. Large ships, sails, ropes, and military products were built in the Arsenal. The Arsenal is located in Venice Italy. The large growth of naval strength is due to the work that is done at the Venetian Arsenal. The separate parts of the Arsenal where all designated to a specific item that would later be assembled to one large ship, almost like an assembly line. The efficiency of the workers here was off the charts. Large ships that were used for trade could be assembled in less than a day. The workers at the Arsenal began as independent ship builders, but were grouped into one big organization. An average worker at the Arsenal inherited his work. The tradition of working in the shipyard was passed down from generation to generation, and was strongly protected by the workers. They were almost their own society. On average there was about 3,000 workers in the Arsenal on any given day. They were all specialized workers. Their work was laborious shaping wood parts to fit boats. Venice owned a large forest at the time and that is where the resources cam from. Weekly imports of wood would be shipped in to the Arsenal to supply the workers. The Arsenal is a very significant place and helped build the Strength and wealth of Venice.

Modern day picture of the Arsenal. Ships would enter from the canal at the top right of the picture, then continue to their designated docks
This is one of the docks, or also known as a ship house.
A map of the Arsenal showing where ship would be assembled (along the sides of the water) and the hundreds of different work places
What a large boat that came in and out of the Arsenal would look like. These could be assembled in less than 2 days

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