The Moons Importance

                                                          Josue Gonzalez

                  The Moon's Role

the moon has phases, tides, can form eclipses and much more. The moon has eight phases. Eclipses are rare because of the sun. The moon controls tides by its gravitational pull. There is so much to learn about the moon.

The phases of the moon are new moon, full moon, waxing gibbous, waning gibbous, waxing crescent, waning crescent, 1st and 3 quarter. These phases of the moon depend on the angle of the suns rays. The moon orbits the earth and the angle of the sun hits the moon and the angle of the moon. We have phases because of the sun. The moon orbits and rotates on its own axis.

the moons gravitational pull causes tides. The moon pulls on the water towards it. The phases if the moon depend on the tides. if the moon is in 1 or third quarter its equal tide. if not its high tide. Low tides are caused by the water getting carried away towards the moon. These are tides and how they are formed.

The sun and moon can cause eclipses. There are two types of eclipses and they are the solar eclipse or lunar eclipse. These eclipses occur because of the sun and the shadow of either the moon or Earth on the moon or earth. The moon crosses in between the earth and sun and causes the eclipse. The earth is in between the moon and sun which causes a lunar eclipse. These are eclipses and how they work.

the moon is important to us. It is important because in third world country they wouldn't have any light for navigation. It is also because people need it for light because without light there is nothing for unto see. The moon lights up the world at night. With out it the whole world would be dark. The moon is also important because it told Egyptians when to harvest their crops. The moon is needed here on earth and there are many more reasons why. The moon is really important to us.

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