Reading journal


Dear Ms Sara

I read the book of Roald Dahl

the book tock about a boy that when he born butwhen he born his mother die for the things that are bad because like when you ooooh no ino what she was sieck because some girls that when there babys born the are die because he born fast and al things like that.Okay when her mother die he was so sad becauswe he was so scary how will be his famaly so he  when was her birthday he said to her dad that he will work to get moony because they dont have any of it. so then her dad give him his price he bie for he and then the boy was so exited because it was a car an he said that the toy is was so expensive and he said that he can not asepted for the expensive is was. The boy go to find work he can not get one but then a boy go and propused a work the boy was so exaded that he asepted.