Powerful Presentations

Many visual presentations are shown each day. Some are made using free websites, others using payed programs. Some of the best presentations are made using tools such as PowerPoint, Prezi, Slideshare, and Powtoon.


PowerPoint is one of the most well-known presentation tools. It is the most commonly used in schools for projects, causing it to be a necessity in many homes with students. It has a clean look, clean transitions, hundreds of downloadable fonts, auto-play, animations, the ability to add sound, and can be used offline. As with any product, there are problems. The largest problems is the cost. A consumer must buy PowerPoint or not use it at all.

Many people have trouble creating a PowerPoint that keeps the viewer's attention. In order to create a good presentation, there are many things that should be considered. One or two, maybe three if absolutely necessary, fonts should be used. choose one color scheme and no more than one transition. If too many different fonts, transitions, or colors are being used, it can distract the audience from the meaning of the slides. Each slide should have one point with around three details. Too much information on a slide can cause blank stares if the viewers attempt to take it all in at once. Practicing the presentation  can help the presentation flow and seem more natural. Passion about the topic will help the audience to care more as they feed off of the energy of the presenter.

I like PowerPoint, although it is not my favorite. It can be very dull or very exciting depending on how it is used. I have used PowerPoint for years in many school projects, but have not used it for a reason other than homework.


Prezi is a free, web based presentation tool. It allows the user to upload an already created PowerPoint or create a new presentation. There are many helpful templates that can be used in a Prezi or the user can start with a blank page. Using pictures, shapes, and transitions, a Prezi is one of the most effective at keep an audience alert. The words can be placed on pictures or in shapes, and the Prezi will follow a set path to show each point and detail in the right order. Prezi does use lots of transitions, but zooms around on one slide to show the points instead of having fifteen slides with the same format.

Creating a Prezi may be challenging for some, but that is only because there are so many options. The creator of the presentation should not make the presentation too long, as even Prezis can become monotonous. Too many swirling transitions can make some one queasy, so don't go overboard. Although Pictures and transitions are fun, they need to be used in a way that they help the viewers pay attention without pulling attention away from the topic.

I enjoyed Prezi, although I had some problems uploading the PowerPoint. I haven't used Prezi outside of the classroom, but I might in the future.


Slideshare is not a presentation creating tool, but a PowerPoint sharing tool. Many people from around the world are able to share presentations full of information on many subjects. These presentations can be helpful for education, but should never be turned in for credit. A user can only upload PowerPoints, but they can find more information on one PowerPoint than they might find on three pages of Google due to a difference in search results and search terms.

When using slideshare, one should use a PowerPoint with the suggestions written in the PowerPoint section of this Tackk.

I enjoyed slideshare, and might use it  outside of class.


Powtoon uses cartoon-like images and animations to bring a presentation to life. Powtoon creates attention-catching presentations with many options for characters, styles, templates, colors, props, and media options. The presentation creator is given the option to import their own music or pictures.  The presentation can use characters to share facts or give examples. With a free account, presentations are limited to five minutes. Depending on the level of paid account the user chooses, a presentation can be fifteen minutes or an hour long.

When creating a powtoon, the presenter should not use too many props or characters to clutter up the screen. One or two fonts should be used,and the animations should not pull attention away from the words. Using only one background color and/or theme is a good idea, as the audience won't pay attention to the words if they are thinking about what color the background will be next.

I enjoyed using powtoon, but have not used it outside of the classroom. I probably will use powtoon in the future.

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