Tools of the Trade

Mujahid Robinson

We have learned about a lot of tools need to help us discover more about the design  cycle such as...

Remind is a free, safe, easy-to-use communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents. It updates you about due dates and reminds you of assignments.

Share and create visual ideas using the web. Allows create infographics and its used to represent data in different ways.

Free learning management system that allows you to receive information and assignments from teachers and allows you to speak with peers while not in school.

Tackk is a simple way to create unique pages on the web. It's your very own page, flyer, blog post, or poster. Doesn't require coding knowledge and

The Design Cycle is a system that helps you find a solution for a problem using certain steps.

 Inquiring and Analyzing

  • Explain the need for a solution to a problem
  • Identify  research  needed for solution
  • Analyze products that inspire solution to problem
  • Develop summary for solution

Developing Ideas

  • Design a solution
  • Develop a range of feasible design ideas
  • Present design
  • Develop accurate

Creating the Solution

  • Construct a plan to create a solution
  • Use technical skills when making the solution
  • Follow plan for solution
  • Justify changes made to plan


  • Design testing methods to measure success of solution
  • Evaluate success of solution with design specifications
  • Explain improvements to solution
  • Explain impact of solution

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