Sudhir Bajaj - Scuba Enthusiast

When he isn’t busy working, Naples, Fla., resident Sudhir Bajaj enjoys traveling to exotic locations to scuba dive. For Bajaj, scuba diving is an opportunity to see another part of the world not accessible to the naked eye standing on the beach near his coastal home. Diving allows him to interact with the local animals and fauna of the aquatic environment, and he has had several excursions where he has encountered atypical wildlife.

Recently, Sudhir Bajaj traveled to French Polynesia, where he dove in world-renowned waters off the coast of Bora Bora and Tahiti, among other Polynesian Isles. While there, Sudhir Bajaj encountered several species of shark native to the warm Polynesian waters, including the White tipped Reef Shark and the Lemon Shark.

Other popular international scuba diving locations include the crystal-clear waters of Bonaire in the Southern Caribbean. Bonaire hosts many beautiful species of animals and vegetation, including the frog fish and nudi branch, as well as the home of the Hilma Hooker wreck, a cargo ship lying 100 feet below the surface. Another popular diving location near Sudhir Bajaj’s home of Naples is in the Cayman Islands. Located at the tip on an enormous undersea ridge that leads to a larger undersea valley, the Cayman Islands are home to a diverse collection of sights and species that will peak the interest of even the most amateur diver. Perhaps the most popular point of scuba exploration is the Cayman Trench, the meeting point of the North American and Caribbean tectonic plates, which lies a staggering 21,000 feet below the surface. Additionally, the waters surrounding the Cayman Islands are practically crystal-clear, allowing for unobstructed visibility when exploring.

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