I was born in Monterey Park California it is on the border line of San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles. I was born September 9 1997 i don't know what time but my mom told me i was a big baby.

Going To A Quince :)

I am Rene I am 17 years old I go to San Andreas High School I am in the 11th grade I have one older brother and 3 younger sister I live in Highland California.

I want to live in Bell California which is in Los Angeles. I want to live there because that's where i spent most of my early years as a baby and that's the place where i want my kids to be born and raised.

Being a professional Mixed Martial Artist. I chose this career path because it's the only thing I am good at and I want to be known as the greatest fighter/champion that ever fought in the UFC.

I want to have 6 children and 2 pets more specifically a Pit bull and a Rottweiler just because iv'e always dreamed of having a big family of my own living in a big house.

It wasn't letting me add a video so i just added a picture of my hobbies/passion of what i love to do on my spare time its Mixed Martial Arts. It's my passion because it's meant for me I don't wish to do anything but fight in the UFC and win the Championship belt. #life #goals #mrsdavisSAHS16 #career #passion #hobby #family.

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