My year of 2013

I got a brand new puppy and his name is bear because he is a little furious and is just to adorable to miss. I went bogy boarding with my family and saw seals and dolphins jump into the air and come back into the water.The fastest bird in the world flew up to my Mom and I and looked at us then flew off in a split second. Then my dad went hunting and set up this camouflage camera to take videos of the wild life. Here are some of them. Please watch.

Those were very cool to see especially when those videos were taken in the January over the hunting weekends for male deer and in the process of the hunting he set up the camera to take those videos.I also got to dissect animals like squid and cow eye along with a cow heart which was the most enjoyable to dissect and when i was done dissecting it I got to inject liquid into the veins which traveled into the inside of the heart and poured out. Then my family went to Disney world with my cousins and had the greatest time of our lives.

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