Marijuana/ Kush/ Weed/ Crack/etc.

By: Haliegh Arman

Marijuana is a drug that isn't as dangerous as other but is still very effective. Smoking weed became very popular in America in the early 1970's. It is most commonly found in the western states of America.

When THC enters your blood stream, it travels straight to your brain. It stimulates your brain and effects your mood. In some cases weed can cause hallucinations. While high your pupils dilate, like the picture shown above. Also your heart rates increases.

My opinion on marijuana is that it should be legalized. It helps people with cancer and mental illnesses. Colorado has already legalized it and they have also legalized crystal meth. I don't think they should have legalized meth because that is a hardcore drug. Marijuana is one of the most non dangerous drug and there has been no reports of people dying from marijuana use. The states shouldn't legalize any other drug besides marijuana in my point of view.

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