1/4/2015 We are in the future

1. I will spend my last 5 month here in America and I'm still really excited. And in the summer I will spend all my time with my family and friends together and I will go on two concerts.

2015 hold for our world more technology. I'm pretty sure there will be a new iPhone or something like that. And I heard that Microsoft will release windows 10. And in 2015 is a special event: the queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in British history!!šŸ‘‘

2. Our world will look really different in 2041! I mean 30 years ago there weren't any cell phones and no the world can't live without cell phones so maybe they will invent crazy robots or something like that! I personally hope that they will discover more of the ocean in 2041 and that they discover mermaids šŸ˜  Maybe everybody has shoes which flys in the air and everybody can fly.