Calculate your reality!

We are Marta, RocĂ­o and Cristina,  three future bilingual teachers from the University of Murcia loaded with original and creative projects for our children. Here you can see one of our innovative projects for the Research and ICT subject. We hope that you like it!

Firstly, we are going to see the tittle, the topic, the necessary apps, the goals, the subject related, the basic competences related to the activity, standing out especially mathematical competence, competence of information treatment and digital competence, and competence in the knowledge of and interaction with the physical world, and finally the short description.


Our Checklist!

Well, to show us our dynamic fair, we performed a stan, which we presented on Monday in the education faculty's hall. Our stan consisted in two parts:

-One hand on a giant rules made with cardboard and paper in which we put the three materials that we used to make the fair's proccess; an Ipad, a tablet, a compass, a meter and a map.

-Then the big poster was made with colored paper for each of the sections. The poster was placed in a holder so that they will see.

- Technological resources: in order to develop our fair was neccesary use different devices, such as Ipad and tablets as our final example is a trailer done with Imovie in Ipad.


Let start learning to use our tools necessaries for our project!

First, we have to learn how to use IMovie for IPad.

Then, we are going to learn to use Twitter, an easy social network!

And finally, here we can learn to use Tangram HD application, an interesting game to develop geometric vision.


Finally we are going to see an example of this activity realized by us at the level of the children to verify the results. Firstly we have the first final product of the activity that is the trailer of the areas done with IMovie. Enjoy it!

And secondly we have the final poster with the different results of the areas and the perimeters that we have calculated in the treasure hunt. Look at it!

And finally, we want to emphasize what more has impressed us during the development of the activity, during this process and this exhibition, and it is the great illusion with which all the groups have worked. Look at our faces of happiness and satisfaction! It was a brilliant experience.

         You are what you do, love your work. You can with everything!


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