Savannah Gill

March 24, 2015
Memory Moments

     As I started to read the book, I did not really know what to expect and it starts off with Tyler being on the top of his school fixing the roof and explains why he has to do this for community service. I did not understand until the memory of him being in court came up. It was really short, but I could feel how he felt in that moment. He felt vulnerable and dumb as the judge explained his punishment for spray painting on the school. Other memories that also came up in the last few extra pages I read was when he talks briefly about middle school and how he felt. In a way, he still feels like he does not belong and the fact that he has changed so much, does not matter. He explains how he was invisible and people picked on him. I could relate to that at my old school. You feel as if, no one understands you and that is why you become so dependent on yourself alone. I can relate to him in those ways.

March 25, 2015
Words of the Wiser

       As I got farther into the book Tyler's father said a quote to him and this one really intrigued me. "Miller men toughed it out; they ate dirt,  and went for the kill" (Anderson 21). The Miller men his father is referring to himself and the other men in the family. The men of the family are tough and apparently manly, but this saying really affects Tyler's way of thinking. He feels as if he does not belong in his family and his father looks at him as if what he did to the school made him a criminal. It's as if, Tyler is not really part of his family when his father is around and that is horrible. It also makes Tyler think he is not good enough for anything throughout what I have read. It makes me wonder if their relationship will ever change and his father will see how smart and tough Tyler really is...

March 26, 2015
Tough Questions

           Tyler asks himself tons of questions as I read more of the book. They are small questions that he asks himself and or interprets people's questioning glances at him in school. He usually asks himself why his life had been turned upside down because his parents are going to therapy to patch their relationship. Tyler blames some of it on his father, but also blames it on himself. It's as if, he feels the graffiti he did to the school caused his father and mother to spread apart even more at the seam they once shared. Tyler then is at school and people stare at him more than usual with the questioning glances because he is helping Bethany Milbury, the school's princess, to class. Even though doing what he did and he was different now, people still treated him like the outsider.  He makes the assumption, all the people staring at them as they go down the all, is why is she with him and asking him for help. Tyler does not really understand either and he still can not answer the question if he will ever understand.

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