A How To On My Life.

1) Wake up at 7, get dressed and other necessities like brushing your teeth,hair and putting socks and shoes on. For waking up an alarm should be set to wake you up everyday at 7, along with that your clothes are already laid out and everything you need for personal hygiene include deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, hairbrush, face wash and soap.

2) Pack practice clothes and lunch and head to school. For practice, clothes must be all black because of spring show coming up. Your lunch is already bought and in the fridge just needs to be packed. On Mondays and Fridays Mom will drive you to school.

3) Arrive at school around 8 and depending on grades go to tutorials. Tutorials is just extra help that you don't get in regular scheduled classes, problem classes are usually algebra and physics.

4) Tardy bell rings at 8:30 (Don't be late) Your class schedule depends on A or B day but they consist of the basic Reading, Writing And Math and on A days ACT prep. About midday is lunch, so make sure you have your sack lunch.

5) After School is dance practice til 5:30, (On B days dance is from 2:30 - 5:30). At practice most likely will be learning a new dance, stay flexible and open minded.

6) Get picked up at 5:45 and head back home. Get picked up by mom and depending on day head straight home.

7) Get Home and do all Homework from the day of school. A days homework will consist of ACT prep and Physics, B days it will be Algebra and History.

8) Eat dinner and shower. Be helpful during dinner offer to set table or help make plates, afterward run shower water and set towels out.

9) After dinner for about and hour and a half is free time in which you'll read or watch TV. Free time is limited on most days to reading because of amount of people that live in our house.

10) Ten o'clock is Bed time. Before going to bed make sure the animals are fed and all chores are done and leftovers from dinner are put away.

Above is the schedule for Everyday, Below is notes for different days of the week.

- Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are Rotation days. Rotations is like experiencing a different job every 3 weeks we do rotations for Health science right now our job is at the hospital in the OB, so on those days instead of reporting to first period which is Health science go to hospital, check in with teacher and head back to OB.

- Schedule: A Day, 1.Health Science 2.ACT prep 3.English 4.Advisory 5.Physics B Day, 1.Health Science 2.US History 3.Algebra 4.Advisory 5.Dance

- So there it is a How to on My life, Good Luck.

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